Unparalleled Travel Assistance for
Times of Need

Specializing in complex, international and medically urgent travel.
We hold ourselves to the highest level of customer care because lives depend on it.

Medical Clearance

Commercial airlines have specific requirements for those traveling with medical conditions. We know all the nuances and work with the airline to ensure the proper medical clearance is obtained and that cabin crews are properly informed about a patient’s condition to prevent incidents in the air.

Medical Escort

Sky Cap works with qualified aeromedical transportation and medical repatriation partners around the world to arrange careful transfer for patients with serious injuries or illness, often for those who require surgery or transfer to another hospital.

Portable Oxygen

Airlines must be informed if a traveler intends to bring portable oxygen concentrators on an aircraft. Our relationships with each airline’s medical desks means we have a full understanding of their processes and can ensure the proper documentation for air travel. We can also arrange for rental of portable oxygen if the patient doesn’t have one.


Sky Cap works tirelessly to offer the most cost effective journey for each individual request. We leverage our flight programs, airline relationships and knowledge of the dynamic flight market so we can obtain the best rates for your corporate and medical repatriation business travel.


Sky Cap Corp can assist you in acquiring expedited visas for your medical personnel. We will track your order and process it in the shortest time possible. Our dedicated specialists will manage the entire application process from start to finish.

Ground Transportation

Sky Cap Corp works with industry leading transportation providers that specialize in providing exceptional chauffeur drive and logistics management for your medical escorts, air ambulance crew, or corporate personnel. We only work with the most professional reliable transport service providers worldwide.


We understand the importance of ensuring patients, families, and medical escorts stay at quality hotels around the world. Sky Cap Corp offers a comprehensive booking service with competitive rates for all domestic and international business hotels. Our hotel relationships help to get any and all possible refunds for our clients when plans must be changed, which they often do in the medical repatriation field.


Sky Cap works with a number of preferred travel insurance companies to provide your organization with the best local solution at the most competitive price. Book your travel insurance through Sky Cap and your clients can rely on 24/7 global assistance and support.


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