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We are a team of experts in
the repatriation travel industry.

Sky Cap Corp professitonals are proud and passionate about delivering the finest service in the hospitality industry and strive to stay unsurpassed. Our dedicated team is made up of individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable about the repatriation business so we understand the importance of each transport. We are committed to impeccable service and uncompromising team performance through attention to detail. Our staff takes personal responsibility and employs thoughtful judgment to deliver promises.

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At Sky Cap, our team works harmoniously to ensure an authentic and indigenous feel is constantly conveyed to our clients. Our team works in harmony with each client to deliver an authentic, enriching travel management experience. With specific training and experience in the travel assistance industry our staff tackles only a specific discipline in the travel industry so that we can make a real difference for those clients with these specific needs. Our team leads strategic thinking across all client accounts and are also hands on, bringing their powerful combination of connections, experience and creativity to our work.

We are focused on, and committed to, bringing you the best travel arrangements for your corporation and medical repatriation needs. Our professionals aim at strengthening client experience by offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience.

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“We bring a powerful combination of connections, experience, and creativity to our work.”

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Our team are experts in the repatriation travel industry. Our job is to understand who you are – which “flight arrangements” reflect best your patient needs– what is most cost effective – and how to most effectively translate your needs into a fully executed travel plan for your clients and management team.