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Medical Repatriation Ground Transportation

Whether you are a travel insurance provider, travel assistance company, medical escort provider, or an underwriter for the medical repatriation industry, cost savings is important to everyone involved. In a typical commercial medical escort repatriation there are at least two ground transportation arrangements that are needed. You will need to get the patient and escort from the facility to the departing airport. Once you arrive at the destination, you will need to get the patient to their home/facility and then bring the escort back to a hotel. With so many ground transportation providers available in every location, how can do you choose one?

At Sky Cap Corp, our clients can count on us that they are not only getting excellence in service, but that we use cost containment programs to ensure the ground transportation arrangements that were selected were the best price available. We typically quote 3-5 providers for each ground transportation arrangement to get the best price available for our client. The providers we work with are based on their reputation in the industry, high level of customer service, and easy billing practices. The safety and well being of your patients, family members and medical escorts is our top priority. Our clients depend on us to build the best non-emergency transportation network possible for their members – and our international network of 5,500+ transportation providers delivers.

If you do not take the time to price different providers, you could end up spending a large amount of your budget that could be put towards adding more services for your clients. In a few recent provider searches for a simple ground transfer we found a large disparity in costs. We had a nurse that needed to go from 60504 Aurora, Illinois to Chicago International Airport. We received a quote of $250, $235 and $136.14. If you could save $100 for every ground transportation arrangement you do, you do the math. That is a simple disparity, but since we quote at least three providers on every transfer, we have witness other areas in which the price differences were even greater. In the beginning of November we quoted a transfer from Kansai International Airport Osaka to Shirahama, Wakayama, 649-2211, Japan. Our preferred provider was $397.75 whereas the other providers were $825 and $790.

At Sky Cap Corp, we do our due diligence on every single case. We take the stress off your assistance coordinators and obtain estimates for ALL of our ground transfers. Whether you need a sedan, ambulance, wheelchair van, or limo; Sky Cap Corp makes sure that when we have selected a provider, it meets our cost containment solution as well as at high standards of customer service.