Medical Escort Travel Arrangements

Medical escort (also known as medical repatriation) services are available to individuals worldwide. Medical repatriation may be necessary for your patient or family member if they are injured or fall ill and need to return to their home country or state. Many patients may receive surgery in their current location and need to return home, or you may need to go from a hospital to another hospital. There are qualified providers that are leaders in aeromedical transportation medical repatriation and your travel advisor can assist you in getting connected with some of our key partners.Medical repatriation is needed due to a variety of different injuries and medical conditions. Each patient is looked at individually to determine the medical transport needs. Some of the most popular reasons for medical repatriation include:

  • Car accidents/Traumatic Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Pneumonia/Respiratory Issues
  • Altitude sickness
  • Heart Attack/Cardiac Issues
  • Mental Health Issues/ psychiatric
  • Acute illnesses
  • CVA Stroke

“Each traveler is treated as an individual and is given specialized care depending on their specific needs.”

Travel Assistance

During a medical escort repatriation, you and/or your patient will be accompanied by an aeromedical-trained medical personal to care and assist you back home aboard a commercial airline. The medical escort provider will evaluate the clinical level of the patient, and determine the appropriate personnel- nurse, paramedic, physician or non-medical escort to assist you.Escorts are knowledgeable about international and domestic travel and are experienced with providing unparalleled assistance. They are a strong team of individuals who deliver the highest quality of care and support throughout the entire journey. Attending to the traveler’s needs is one of their top priorities; the traveler and the family can rest assured that the traveler is in safe hands when arranging a medical escort with one of our preferred partners.Every traveler needs a different level of travel assistance. Each individual is treated as an individual and is given specialized care depending on his or her needs. While traveling abroad if you meet with an accident and need medical aid, one of our partners will be able to provide transportation for you to return home. If you need medical repatriation and chose not to purchase travel insurance, ask your travel advisor about one of our preferred partners.


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