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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sky Cap Corp regularly encourage corporate environmental responsibility in our operations and events. At our headquarters in New York special attention was recently given to replacing toilets with low-flow models, adding sinks with auto-generated faucets that cut down on water waste, replacing all lighting with CFL efficient bulbs and reducing the amount of electricity used on bright, sunny days, and upgrading all computer equipment to energy saving models Initiatives include:

  • Reducing carbon emissions from commuting – many of our employees are home-based
  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Reduce/eliminate paper whenever possible
  • Timers on outside lights
  • Use soy-based printer ink
  • Compact fluorescents lights have replaced all incandescent bulbs
  • Keep all filters clean and all equipment tuned up
  • Use outside air (free cooling) to cool buildings whenever possible
  • Shut off all lights when possible
  • Lowered temps on water heaters and boilers for heat
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products

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Sky Cap Corp is committed to promoting environmental responsibility within our culture, which includes helping our suppliers and our clients to reduce CO2 emissions.  To minimize the impact of our carbon footprint we have taken a number of steps including installing energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, recycling over 2,000 pounds of paper weekly, recycling of ink cartridges, toner, replacing Styrofoam with paper products, etc.  We also provide a Carbon Footprint report for each of our clients.

We also support a number of charities throughout the year and work together with our clients in providing support for their CSR initiatives. 

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“Committed to promoting environmental responsibility within our culture.”