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Why Sky Cap Corp?

Sky Cap Corp is the only travel management company in the USA that is dedicated 100% to the travel assistance and medical repatriation industry. We have made it our top priority to specialize and be the experts in the repatriation market for assist travel assistance companies, medical escort companies, travel insurance providers, and air ambulance companies worldwide. By focusing on one sector, we are able to excel in the areas of medical clearance, disability travel, and complicated itineraries for both patients and escorts. Sky Cap Corp has remains faithful to our commitment to produce unparalleled travel experiences based on the rich legacy of quality customer service and exceptional travel management experience.

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Medical Travel Experts

You have a personal dedicated medical travel expert works with you one on one. Our Travel Advisors are well known for their high-touch service and Unwavering dedication to your unique needs of your business. Sky Cap Corp and Tzell do not operate call centers. Instead, a designated medical travel expert will personally support your travel objectives and policies. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to handle every aspect of the travel reservations process.

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“Unwavering dedication to your unique needs.”

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“Your success is our number one priority.”

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Life Long Partnerships

Sky Cap is not just your travel management company; we build a life long partnership. We take ownership for your business and want you to be successful. We look after you; knowing your needs, your culture, your relationships, and your objectives. We recognize that each client is unique and every program is different. We design a program that meets your goals and objectives. The success of your travel program is our number one priority. We exceed your expectations.

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Award Winning Service

Sky Cap and Tzell combine the power of a global Travel Management Company with the high touch service and personal relationships you’ll find at a boutique Travel Agency. At Sky Cap and Tzell, we promise that you will receive a travel program that operates with the highest level of service, at the most effective price.

Leading industry observers, including Business Travel News and Travel Weekly, consistently rank Tzell as one of the largest and most supportive Travel Management Companies in the market today.

Sky Cap Corp is a member of Tzell Travel, a Travel Leaders Company, and Travel Leaders has been honored with over 65 prestigious Travel Industry Awards for Excellence since 2009 – more than any other travel agency company in the United States.

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“Over 65 prestigiousTravel Industry Awardsfor Excellence since 2009.”